The Barber SURF RAKE is the most popular tractor-towed beach cleaner in the world. This is because it is the fastest and most efficient beach cleaner on the market. It is currently available in three models that are optimized for different-sized beaches.

beach cleaner models

Learn about the three models: the 600HD, 400HD, and 400.

Discover how the SURF RAKE removes a wide variety of undesirable beach debris from litter to excess sargassum.

Understand the technology behind the results and the SURF RAKE’s legendary longevity.

The SURF RAKE can be equipped with a range of optional accessories that make it a powerful tool for solving most beach maintenance challenges while complying with regional regulations.

options for the surf rake beach cleaner
beach cleaner models

Compare the technical specifications of the three SURF RAKE models to discover which is the best solution for your beach.

After learning about the SURF RAKE online, contact Barber and its network of dealers who can can help you choose the best-suited model for your beach cleaning conditions and needs. By consulting with the professionals at Barber, you will be matched with a beach cleaner that ensures your beach sand will be cleaner, safer and more inviting than ever before.

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