The Sand Man TT is Barber’s smallest tractor-powered beach cleaning unit. It utilizes a vibrating screen to lift beach sand and sift it. The debris is carried by the screen into a bucket that features a hydraulic dump, while the sand falls back to the beach. It is an excellent solution for removing small materials from small to mid-sized beaches; such as, shells, stones, cigarette butts, twigs, bottle caps, and other litter and leaving a path of clean sand.

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Clean Sand Courtesy of the Sand Man TT

The Sand Man TT uses a vibrating screen to capture shells, stones, twigs, and other common beach material to leave clean sand in its wake. The collected materials can then be quickly dumped using the hydraulic dump mechanism. Whether firm, packed sand at the tide line or softer surfaces near the top of the beach, the TT excels at making clean sand by removing all debris in its path.

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