The LITTER PICKER Model LP1 is our tractor-towed and powered litter collection machine for removing trash from large grass, soil, and paved surfaces expodentially faster than manual cleaning methods.

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See how the LP1 creates solutions for challenging clean-up applications; such as, music festivals, municipal parks, tailgating, and grassy roadsides.

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Learn how the LP1 leverages Barber’s tine raking technology to remove a wide range of debris as small as cigarette buts and as large as filled garbage bags.

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Compare the technical specifications, requirements, and abilities of the LP1 with your needs and available equipment.

Based on the same patented, time-tested tine raking technology as the SURF and TURF RAKES, the Barber Litter Picker proves effective on grass, dirt, and paved surfaces. It can gently comb thatch from grass while removing surface litter, pick submerged litter from soil, and remove roadside debris, like mufflers and tire retreads.

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