sand sifting machines for beach and turf

In addition to Barber’s  patented, industry-leading tine raking/sifting hybrid SURF RAKE lineup, sand sifting machines fill out its beach cleaning and turf grooming offerings. We offer walk-behind and tractor-towed models to adapt to your specific cleaning applications.

sand man 850 sand sifting machine

The SAND MAN 850 is barber’s most popular sand sifting machine. As a self-propelled walk-behind unit, it is a powerful tool for small beaches, sporting grounds, and turf applications. Learn more about its applications, how it works, and its technical specifications.

The Radius is a popular walk-behind sand sifting machine that is used primarily to purify golf-course bunkers. Due to its design, which features the wheels in the center of the machine, its tight turning radius allows it to maneuver small, oddly-shaped sandy areas with ease.

radius sand sifting machine cleaning golf course bunkers
sand sifting machine dumping rocks from hopper

For a compact, tractor-towed option, the Sand Man TT provides many of the benefits of the Sand Man 850 but with the simplicity of mounting to a three-point hitch on a tractor. It works well on flat, contained sandy areas, like horse arenas.

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