TURF RAKE® Stone Pickers

What does the TURF RAKE stone picker do?

-Removes- stone, rock, sod, roots, sticks and similar debris from soil

-Grades rough or scarified soil

-Aerates the soil- leaving a gently harrowed area

-Tines penetrate the soil digging down to remove buried stones ensuring thick top layer of stone free soil

Where is the TURF RAKE stone picker used?

Horse arenes, paddocks, and race tracks

-Ball fields & picnic areas

-Site work- for schools, hospitals, industrial buildings

-Golf Courses- fairways, greens, driving ranges and new or rehabilitation construction

-Roads, Highways and Parkways- median strips, berms, shoulders, clover leafs, etc.

Who uses the TURF RAKE stone picker?

-Site Contractors

-Landscape Contractors

-Highway Contractors

-Park Department

-Golf Course Builders

-Horse Farms


-To Cut Hand Labor Costs- the TURF RAKE stone picker can quickly do the work that previously took many men and many hours of hand raking.

-Simplify mechanical methods - the TURF RAKE stone picker in one pass removes stone, elevates the debris to a hopper at the rear, levels uneven areas and leaves the surface ready for planting all in one pass.

-To Cut Material Costs- by grading to fine tolerances and

-To Cut warranty costs and call backs- because of bad or thin spots

-Turf Rake Stone Picker Brochure

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