The TURF RAKE penetrates the soil with hundreds of tines, removes stones and debris, and levels the target area in one pass. Because the TURF RAKE cleans and levels in one process, it leaves the area ready for seeding and eliminates the need for multiple machines. All models of the TURF RAKE work similarly. Here’s how it works:

turf rake moldboard leveling soil diagram

1. Level the surface

The moldboard levels uneven areas in the soil to create an even cleaning surface and ensure consistent digging depth.

2. tines remove debris from soil

Individually replaceable stainless steel tines mounted in offset rows on a belt-covered bar flight conveyor rake stones, rocks, and debris from the soil toward an adjustable moldboard. 

3. stones & debris travel up the conveyor

The stones, sticks, rocks, and other unwanted materials deflect off the moldboard onto the elevating portion of the conveyor.

turf rake dumps stones into pile

3. a full hopper deposits debris

The TURF RAKE’s conveyor then transports the debris to the hopper, which can be hydraulically raised and tripped for efficient dumping. Even a hopper full of rock has no problem being raised and tripped into dumpsters or trucks up to 9 feet high.

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