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1 1/8″ (29mm) Wrench

1 1/8″ (29mm) Socket Wrench


Check every couple of weeks


Maintaining proper conveyor belt tension is essential to ensure the best performance from your SURF RAKE and to maximize chain and sprocket life.

1. To begin, open the side guard doors on either side of your machine by turning the latch counterclockwise and pulling.

2. In order to test the conveyor tension, grab the chain, and jiggle it back and forth. If there is more than 1 and ½ inches of movement forward and back, there is too much slack, and the chain needs to be adjusted.

3. To tighten the conveyor chain, loosen the jam nut that secures the take up bolt with a 1 1/8” wrench.

4. Tighten the take-up bolt with a 1 1/8” socket wrench by turning it clockwise. After several turns, check the belt tension. You want about 1” of movement front to back when you’re done.

5. Once the first side of the belt is adjusted, repeat the process on the other side of the machine. Double check to be sure the tension on both sides is equal.

6. Once equal belt tension is achieved, tighten the jam nuts, and refasten the side doors.

You will want to check the conveyor belt tension every couple of weeks during periods of regular use to ensure optimal functioning of your SURF RAKE beach cleaner.

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