SURF RAKE training & service Instructions

Learn how to make the following adjustments to your SURF RAKE to ensure its optimal functioning and longevity by watching step-by-step instruction videos.

Installation Instructions

surf rake 600 hd

Take these first steps to get your SURF RAKE up and running.

The 400 installation differs slightly from the HD models. Learn about the differences here.

Operation Training

The SURF RAKE performs as well as it is operated. Learn best-practices for cleaning various beach conditions.

Conveyor speed dictates the kind of material you will filter from the sand. Learn how and when to adjust it here.

The moldboard controls how deeply you clean. Learn how to balance depth with conditions.

Follow these safety guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

maintenance procedures

Dump chains need to remain balanced for smooth dumping. Learn how to check and adjust them here.

As a major advantage of the SURF RAKE, tines are individually-replaceable in seconds.

Customer Service

Over time, the conveyor chain will loosen. Here’s how to adjust it to the optimal tension.

Our sturdy bearings can be inexpensively maintained by replacing shims, instead of the entire unit.

Customer Service

Regularly greasing the SURF RAKE will keep it functioning optimally for decades. Here are the key greasing locations.

The studs that keep the tines in place are easily-replaceable, if damaged.

As the chain ages, it will can loosen. Here’s how to maintain proper tension over time, without replacing it.

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