Tailgating often leaves acres and acres of trash behind when the crowds drive away. Many sports organizations and universities use hired labor to clean up the trash by hand in sports arenas and parking lot afterwards, but this process can make tailgating cleanup take days and cost a lot of money, especially when this process must be repeated on a weekly basis.

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Sports Grounds Maintenance Tool

The Barber LITTER PICKER has helped many sports facility and grounds maintenance teams around the country clean up after tailgating in a fraction of the time (and cost) that it would normally take them.

Remove litter from all common surfaces

The LP excels at tailgating cleanup by removing debris from grass and paved surfaces, alike. Such trash includes plastic cups, bottles, wrappers, cardboard boxes, and cans.

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In addition to the above video of cleaning up after a college football game, check out additional cleanup footage from large music festivals and park grounds, or contact us at Barber to discuss if the LITTER PICKER could be your tailgating cleanup solution.

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