Park cleanup can be a full-time chore for many municipalities, especially city parks, which can see thousands of visitors each day. Considering the significant size of many parks, cleaning up trash from the grass and pathways can be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

Fast Multi-surface trash cleanup for municipalities

The LITTER PICKER has helped many municipalities around the country to remove garbage from the grass, roads, and paths in their parks. Watch the video to see it in action.

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types of litter litter picker collects

removes all kinds of litter

The LITTER PICKER can quickly remove all kinds of litter; like, wrappers, bottles, syringes, bags, and even dead animals, in a fraction of the time as by hand. It also allows the operator to stay safely removed from any unsanitary debris.

operator safety

The LITTER PICKER allows the operator to stay safely removed from any unsanitary debris and dangerous environments, like roadsides, by operating the Litter Picker from the tractor cabin.

operator safety
landfill grounds maintenance & cleanup machine

grounds maintenance simplified

An additional benefit of the LITTER PICKER is that it can be used for a variety of other ground maintenance purposes. It can remove garbage from parking lots, de-thatch grass to promote growth, or purify soil in ball parks. This makes it a versatile tool for parks and recreation departments to use year-round across their properties.

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