Most festival cleanup services rely on manual labor to hand pick the trash every night, after the performances have finished. However, this proves costly, and these workers can often not remove the massive amounts of trash in time for the next day’s events to begin. The LITTER PICKER LP1 was developed to make the  festival cleanup process fast and cost-effective.

Fast grounds cleanup for multi-day festivals

Pulled by a tractor, the LP 1 is ideal for removing massive amounts of trash during the small windows of cleaning time afforded at music festivals.

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types of litter litter picker collects

removes all kinds of litter

 It can travel quickly and scoop up all kinds of trash with a single pass, like cans, plastic bags, cups, cigarette butts, food wrappers, and even larger materials that are often left behind, like folding chairs. It is equally effective on grass, pavement, and soil/gravel.

Festival cleanup service tool

Festival cleanup services and planners regularly rely on the Barber LITTER PICKER to rapidly remove huge amounts of trash and keep their festival grounds comfortable and safe.

operator safety
landfill grounds maintenance & cleanup machine

rental opportunity

The LP1 is available for purchase, or we offer a unique rental opportunity for event managers.

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