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The SURF RAKE requires minimal greasing to ensure long machine life. However, a regular greasing schedule fortifies the primary conveyor bearing against wear over time.

Video Transcript

Regularly greasing the surf rake ensures long machine life and smooth functioning. To lubricate the SURF RAKE, simply uncover the nipple of the grease fitting, fit the grease gun’s nosel onto the nipple, and squeeze the grease into the bearing until a small amount of grease escapes.Grease the five major conveyor bearings and idlers on each side of the SURF RAKE every week during regular use. Grease the additional pivot points approximately every month. No other lubrication is required for the SURF RAKE’s proper functioning.

Required Tools

Grease Gun

Standard Machine Grease (NLGI #2 recommended)


Once/Week for Conveyor Bearings

Once/Month for other pivot points

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