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The TURF RAKE rock rake excels at removing rock and debris from soil to prepare it for multiple applications. Among its rock raking applications, the TURF RAKE facilitate horse track and arena maintenance,golf course creation, farm seed bed preparation, and strafing range munitions removal. In addition to these specific uses, the TURF RAKE proves effective for many other stone-picking applications.

The TURF RAKE is an incredibly versatile tool for contractors, as it can be used for functions that extend beyond stone picking. It can be modified to remove litter from beaches, sandy areas, grass, and to dethatch. See Barber's SURF RAKE beach cleaners or LITTER PICKER for more information regarding the TURF RAKE's adaptability. This versatility makes the TURF RAKE an ideal cleaner for contractors looking to work every season all year.


If you need to stone pick smaller sandy or loose soil areas, the SAND MAN may be a more applicable tool. The TURF RAKE is intended to remove stones from larger areas and provide a deepr cleaning. However, certain smaller areas that do not require a cleaning depth of 6", like golf course bunkers or infield cleaning may benefit from a smaller walk-behind unit. Two of the SAND MAN's most common stone picking applications can be found below: