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Walk Behind Sand Cleaner: The Barber SAND MAN™ 850

The BARBER SAND MAN 850 is a compact, self-propelled, and walk behind sand cleaner that offers dependability and maneuverability and is an effective sand cleaner for removing debris from virtually any small sandy area, regardless of location and space restrictions.

The SAND MAN uses a vibrating screen to sift a wide range of debris from sand and soil, ranging from tiny fragments of glass to larger sticks and shells. Equipped with independent steering breaks and maintaining a small footprint, the SAND MAN proves exceptionally maneuverable in tight areas, like playgrounds, golf course bunkers, and small resorts or lake-front beaches. Additionally, it rests on high flotation rubber rear tires that allow it to travel easily over grass and sidewalks without damaging the riding surface.

Additional Sand Cleaners


Sand Man TT Sand Cleaner

If you are interested in a sifting-style sand cleaner but currently own a tractor, you may also consider the SAND MAN TT, which uses the same technology as the SAND MAN 850 but benefits from tractor power and a hydraulic dumping mechanism.


Sand Man TT Sand Cleaner

You may also consider the Barber RADIUS, which uses the same technology as the SAND MAN 850 but benefits from a tighter turning radius, which proves especially helpful when removing stone and debris from golf course bunkers.