Surf Rake in Action in Australia

The “Bondi Eye” publication in Australia recently posted this article about the workload their Barber Surf Rake tackles every week. Here’s the article:
The beach rake (Surf Rake) collects litter along Bondi beach 5-6 days a week, between 5am and 12.30pm. Tamarama and Bronte beaches are usually raked on Wednesday mornings.

At Bondi, the primary focus first thing is raking the high tide mark and the lower part of the beach. After that, the beach rake then operates at the back of the beach where there are fewer occupants at that time of the day.

Bondi beach takes approximately 12 hours to completely rake, so the beach rake needs to be in operation for at least six hours a day to keep up with the amount of litter that is left on the sand.

The tray on the back of the beach rake has a capacity of one and a half cubic metres. On an average week the beach rake would collect four cubic metres of litter and stormwater debris. On a busy week, collection would double to eight cubic metres. After Australia Day 2012 the beach rake collected 12.5 cubic metres and that was just litter, not stormwater debris. And all from one day!


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