infield groomer

As the premium infield groomer, TURF RAKE excels at removing stones, sharp & hazardous materials, and encroaching grass from baseball infields to create a consistent, safe playing field every time.

Fast & Thorough Cleaning

By digging up to six inches into the soil, the TURF RAKE removes any potentially harmful materials and ensures the safety of the players. And as one of the fastest infield groomers on the market, it can clean a field in minutes, making it safe and fresh for players to enjoy.

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Not only an infield groomer

Unlike any other infield groomer, the TURF RAKE can also be used to remove litter and dead thatch from the grass of the outfield by adding optional casters to the front of the machine. 

The raking conveyor picks surface litter and dead thatch and deposits it into the hopper. By working as a thorough outfield and infield groomer, the TURF RAKE’s tine raking technology makes it the ultimate baseball field groomer.

Multi-application cleaning and grooming

One of the biggest advantages of the TURF RAKE is that it is a multi-application cleaning and grooming tool that can be adapted for other common responsibilities of municipalities.

It shares a similar design to Barber’s industry-leading beach cleaner, the SURF RAKE, and can be used on other sandy surfaces, like park beaches, volleyball courts, or private verandas. 

As previously mentioned, it can also be used for litter collection–not only on baseball fields, but also in parks that see high volume of foot traffic. 

In this way, the TURF RAKE can become a municipality or resort’s primary cleaning and grooming tool for all commonly-used recreational surfaces–soil, clay, sand, and grass.

litter collection on grass

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