Sand Man 850 service

Sand Man 850 Operation Instructions

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Sand Man 850

Unleaded Gasoline


Check every couple of weeks


1. Starting the Engine

Engage the safety engine kill switch handle, clutch, and clutch pin.

Turn On the Engine’s Power Switch.

Turn pn the choke and open the fuel valve.

Pull the starting chord.

Turn off the choke.

Release the clutch while keeping the safety engine kill switch handle depressed.

2. Turn on the Vibrating Screen

Engage the clutch.

Pull the second handle out to engage the screen.

Release the clutch.

3. Setting Traveling Speed and Direction

Engage the clutch.

Push the handle to go slower (gear 1).

Or pull the handle out to go faster (gear 2).

Release the clutch.

Engage the clutch.

Push the right handle in to move forward.

Or pull it out to move in reverse.

Release the clutch.

Depress the throttle to propel the machine and change sifting speed.

To assist with turns, pull the top brake handle of the side you want to turn toward.

4. Sand Cleaning Adjustments

Adjust the cleaning depth of the sifting screen by turning the hand wheel.

Release the finisher flap to smooth sand after cleaning.

5. Emptying the Bucket

Pull the latch above the bucket up to release it.

Slide the bucket out.

Empty the bucket into one of the two provided containers that are secured to the rear of the machine for easy transport.

Re attach the bucket.

Push the latch down into the holes on the bucket.

Dipose of bucket contents and re-fasten onto the machine.

When finished cleaining, close the fuel valve

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