Sand Man 850 service

Sand Man 850 Maintenance Procedures

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Adjustable Wrench

Phillips Head Screwdriver


Check every couple of weeks


1. Changing the Shifting Screen.

Remove the four nuts and washers from the bolts that secure the screen to the frame.

Remove the four bolts.

Remove the old screen.

Position the new screen under the SAND MAN.

Slide the four bolts through the holes in the frame screen.

Place the washer on the bolts and tighten the nuts over them.

2. Checking the Transmission Fluid.

Detach the top plate by removing the two front screws.

Loosen the fluid cap and remove.

Check the fluid level, and fill as necessary.

Replace and tighten cap.

Fold the flaps into place.

3. Changing the Transmission Fluid

Drain old fluid by unscrewing the cap under transmission.

Fill with fluid in the same hole as where its levels are checked.

4. Replacing the Belt

Begin with the top plate removed.

Remove the bucket for easier access to the transmission compartment.

Remove the screws that secure the belt guard.

Remove the belt guard.

Loosen the belt tensioner’s bolt.

Swing the belt tensioner away from the belt.

Pry off the belt or cut the belt to free it, if not already off. Put the new belt on by leveraging with a crow bar or similar tool.

Reposition the blue belt tensioner against the belt.

Maintaining tension against the belt

Re-tighten the tensioner bolt.

Re-position the belt guard.

Re-fasten the belt guard screws.

Put the bucket back in place.

Secure the top plate.

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