Sand Man 850 service

sand man 850 installation instructions

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Included Allen Wrench

Adjustable Wrench


Upon receipt of the machine


1. Installing the Handlebars

Remove the two screws at the top and center of the machine.

And Remove the handlebars.

Remove the metal arm by unscrewing the two screws that hold it to the main frame.

Remove the metal frame from the machine.

Re-attach the handlebars by slipping the bars over the base plate.

Re-fasten the screws using the Allen wrench.

2. Installing the Hand Wheel & Arm

Remove the nut and washer from the machine.

Attach the upper part of the arm to the stud on the machine

Fasten with the washer and nut.

Rotate the wheel to line the arm up with the hole in the front end.

Secure the fastening pin and rotate the safety latch to click over the rotating arm.

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