Sand Man 850 support

Installing Attachments to the Sand Man 850

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Adjustable Wrench


Once, upon receipt of the machine.


1.Transport Wheel & Plow

Remove the screws by the beater bar on both sides of the SAND MAN.

Place an attachment bracket in line with the holes and re-fasten the screws.

Repeat on second side

Slide the front wheel attachment into the slot, and secure it with the pin.

Connect the Front Plow Attachment in the same way.

Rotate the handle wheel to lower the front attachment for use.

2. Riding Seat

Unfasten the finisher flap.

Insert a bolt into each hole.

Attach the trailer hitch to the frame using the bolts.

Fasten the nuts on the bolts to hold the hitch in place.

Place a washer on the hitch’s rod.

Slide the riding seat onto the hitch.

Place another washer on top and secure with the pin.


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