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oil spill beach cleanup

Removing oil from beaches that wash up after oil spills can be a tedious, difficult task. Most traditional beach cleaning tools fail to remove oil and tar balls from the sand.

The SAND MAN 850 uses fine-meshed vibrating screens to remove the tiniest tar balls and dried oil from the sand, ensuring it doesn’t seep deeper. The SAND MAN can remove oil from up to 4″ deep. Once removed, the hopper and its contents can easily be removed and deposited in a nearby receptacle.

As viewed below, the SAND MAN 850 was an instrumental tool in helping clean the beaches of the Gulf Coast following the Deep Horizon oil spill in 2010.

Learn more about the technical specifications of the SAND MAN, or view our larger, tractor-towed sand sifting machine that is ideal for oil spill cleanup, the Sanitizer.

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