ROAD RAKE models

road rake model 200


The Model 200 is Barber’s independently-powered ROAD RAKE. A 19 hp water-cooled engine powers the hydraulic motors that turns two gutter brushes and the conveyor belt. It also powers the cylinders that lift up to 1900 lbs. of debris in the hopper to dumping height. Because it does not require an outside hydraulic power source, the Model 200 Road Rake can be paired with any truck that weighs more than one ton and is equipped with a pintle hitch.

road rake model 200t


The Model 200T is Barber’s truck-powered ROAD RAKE. The rear remote hydraulic valves of the towing truck power all the hydraulic functions of the ROAD RAKE 200T. It is an excellent option for operators that have access to a towing vehicle with rear hydraulic ports.

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