HOW THE road rake WORKS

Operated electronically by one person from the cab of the towing unit, the the Barber ROAD RAKE collects large road hazards: retreads, mufflers, wood and litter. It is designed to collect the large debris, which might clog or damage street sweepers. Here’s how it works:

road rake gutter brushes

1. Collect the debris

The ROAD RAKE uses caster tires to follow the contour of the pavement, while two gutter brushes on either side of the machine pull material in front of the conveyor.

2. tines remove debris from the road

Individually replaceable stainless steel tines mounted in offset rows on a belt-covered bar flight conveyor rake the debris onto the elevating conveyor system.

3. Tines carry debris to the hopper

The tines elevate the unwanted debris to the hopper, which can be hydraulically raised and dumped.

road rake dumps debris into truck

3. a full hopper deposits debris

The TURF RAKE’s conveyor then transports the debris to the hopper, which can be hydraulically raised and tripped for efficient dumping. Even a hopper full of rock has no problem being raised and tripped into dumpsters or trucks up to 9 feet high.

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