Hurricane Storm Debris Removal with the SURF RAKE, LITTER PICKER, & ROAD RAKE

In addition to being helpful in cleaning and restoring beaches after hurricanes, Barber's products can also be used to remove debris on grass and pavement surfaces that may have accumulated due to flooding, winds, and property damage.

Adapt Your SURF RAKE for Land Use

If you currrently own a SURF RAKE, you can convert it from a beach cleaning machine to a litter collection machine to help the land clean-up process. Its tine raking system utilizes the same technology found on the LITTER PICKER and ROAD RAKE and is suitable for working on land and beaches. By adjusting your moldboard and the tractor draft settings properly, the SURF RAKE can become a valuable tool.

We encourage you to contact us to find out how to adapt your SURF RAKE to help your on-land cleanup efforts. A Barber team member is available at (800) 355-8318

Traditional Litter Collection Equipment

The LITTER PICKER is traditionally used to remove debris from the surface of grass and dirt terrains. Past applications include removing large and small debris from airport runway areas, cleaning sports fields & parking lots after games, and picking up road-side litter. The ROAD RAKE specailizes in removing larger items from roadways. The tine and conveyor system found in both models is exceptionally efficient and can help remove debris from towns affected by hurricanes before the rebuilding proces begins.

post hurricane litter debris pickup

The above links provide information to help you use your SURF RAKE or other Barber equipment in the the hurricane cleanup process. Machines are also available for rental. Please contact us for more information, if we can be of assistance.

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