farm seedbed preparation

Seed Bed Preparation

If you're planting seed on a newly created or renovated athletic field, golf course or other area where optimum turf is expected, your preparation of the seedbed will be considerable. There will be soil testing for texture and pH, planning the irrigation system, and evaluating grading and drainage implications. Then there is the actual site prep work, which includes removing any existing vegetation and large rocks, doing a rough grade, removing stones and smaller debris, doing a fine grade, and adding/amending topsoil if necessary. The equipment you'll need for this kind of preparation will include excavators and rock pickers.

The Barber TURF RAKE is an effective stone picker, and is widely used by members of the Golf Course Builders Association of America Certified Builders (GCBAA) on their golf course construction projects. Using hundreds of raking tines, the TURF RAKE removes debris from the dirt such as stones and rocks from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter, as well as roots and sticks that are longer in length. The TURF RAKE can be easily adjusted to rake and clean from 1 inch to 6 inches deep into the dirt. The optional finisher assembly at the rear of the machine glides over the cleaned area leaving a smooth prepared surface.