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Finisher Assembly

The Finisher Assembly acts as a final beach grooming tool and attaches to the rear of all Barber SURF RAKES. After the sand has been purified, the finisher smooths the tire tracks and gives the beach a combed appearance. In addition to creating an inviting path, the finisher is easily controlled. It can be set to automatically lower and raise when the PTO and conveyor are activated from the cab of the tractor, eliminating the need to think about it and streamlining the cleaning process.

hot dip galvanized beach cleaner

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Double the life of the SURF RAKE frame by having it Hot Dip Galvanized! The entire steel frame of the machine is immersed in molten zinc. This creates a tough protective coating that is metallurgically bonded to the steel inside and out. This process increases the beach rake's resistance to corrosion in the harsh saltwater and sand environment.

For more information about how hot dip galvanizing works, we recommend viewing this video on YouTube.

Light Assembly

A light assembly can be attached to every Barber SURF RAKE, TURF RAKE, AND LITTER PICKER. Incorporating turn signals and running lights, the light assembly allows the machines to be safely transported on the road to and from job sites. It also adds extra visibility when operating on the road-side performing litter picking or dethatching. If you will be operating on roadways or in poor lighting, like early morning, the lighting assembly could be a valuable addition to your Barber machine.

Caster Group/Machine

Self-centering casters can be attached to the front of the SURF RAKE line of beach cleaners to greatly expand their functions beyond beach cleaning. SURF RAKES equipped with casters gain the ability to remove litter and debris on grass, soil, or pavement. The casters guide the SURF RAKE along the contour of the cleaning surface to ensure even cleaning, without damaging the cleaning surface. In this way, the SURF RAKE becomes an effective stone picker, litter collector, and dethatcher.

Chicago Rake

When the City of Chicago Parks District was having a problem with e-coli contamination and bacteria in the sand, they asked Barber to create a beach cleaner that could help. The new Cultivator Option was added to the back of their machine to increase the amount of sand exposed to the sun. The prongs on the back of the machine go down 12 inches into the sand. This allows the sand to be pulled up and exposed to the sun, killing the bacteria in the process.