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SAND MAN Specifications

102 in / 258 cm
Screen Openings
3/16, 3/8, 9/16 inch / 48mm, 95mm, 143mm
34 in / 86 cm
42 in / 107cm
Volume of Collector
5.3 gal / 20 ltr
617 lbs / 280kg
Volume Total Debris
14 gal / 54 ltr/1.9 cu. ft
Working Width
33 in / 85 cm
Gas Engine
Honda 5.5 HP air-cooled gasoline engine, 4 stroke. Two speeds in both forward & reverse.
Working Depth
0-4 in / 0-10 cm
Drive System
Direct gear drive (Differential lock included)
Area Cleaned
15,000-35,000 sq./ft/hr / 1,400-3,200 sq.meter/hr
Ground Clearance
4 in / 10 cm
Working Speed
1.1-3.4 mph / 1.8-5.5 kph
23" x 10.5-12" NHS Floatation
Debris removed
Broken glass, plastic, cigarette butts, pop-tops, straws, shells, stones, small pieces of wood
Front Plow Device: for moving and contouring. Detachable Riding Seat for transport
Front transport wheel: for transport on sidewalks
Any sandy surface including beaches, volleyball courts, sand bunkers and playgrounds.
H. Barber & Sons, Inc. warrants the SAND MAN to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for 500 hours or one year, whichever occurs first.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications without notice and without incurring obligation. The information contained herein is from data available at the time of publishing.

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