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The SAND MAN is shipped with three different sizes of sifting screens, which allow the customer to choose the diameter that is best suited to the sand on their beach and the size of the debris they wish to target. The screen with the smallest perforations excels at removing small materials from sand, while larger diameter screen offers the best performance when cleaning coarse or wet sand.

In addition to the included screens, you may choose to add several options to your SAND MAN 850:

Front Transport Wheel:

A rubber transport wheel can be mounted to the front of the SAND MAN to allow for easy transportation by supporting the entire beach cleaner.

Detachable Riding Seat:

The SAND MAN's optional riding seat allows for faster and easier transportation of the self propelled beach cleaner to and from the job site.

Front Plow Device:

The 3 feet wide plow mounts on the front of the self propelled beach cleaner and is used to relocate and contour sand areas.