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SAND MAN TT & Included Parts


Whenever Attaching the Sand Man TT to a Tractor


It is critical to install the Sand Man TT correctly to ensure longevity and functionality. Doing so incorrectly could seriously damage the machine and would result in poor cleaning performance.

1. Begin by backing the tractor close to the TT so that the three point hitch arms align with the mounting pins on the TT.

2. Adjust the stabilizing bar on the lower hitch arm to slide it onto the TT’s connecting arms. Secure the safety pin on the TT arm to prevent it from coming lose during operation. Repeat the process on the other side.

3.Refasten the pins into the hitch arms on each side of the three point hitch to protect the TT from harmful lateral movement.

4. Connect the TT’s PTO shaft to the tractor’s six spline, 540 PTO.

5. Next, connect the chain on the top of the TT to the upper hitch pin on the tractor, so that the front and back of the TT are both resting on the ground. It is critical to use the provided chain and not a solid upper hitch arm. Similarly, the chain must be adjusted to allow the TT to be level. Increasing the cutting angle or using a fixed arm will result in substantial damage to the machine.

6. Attach the safety pins to both ends of the PTO shaft to prevent the PTO shaft covers from spinning when in operation.

7. To complete the TT installation, connect the hydraulic hoses to a single spool on the rear of the tractor.

8. To begin to operate the TT, engage the PTO shaft from the seat of the tractor. The PTO shaft will then begin rotating, which activates the vibrating sifting screens.

9. Lower the TT onto the sand and raise the RPM’s of the tractor to increase the PTO speed, which will increase the screen’s vibration and cleaning ability.

10. Begin cleaning your sandy area! If sand has difficulty sifting through the screen, use a larger screen mesh size. If you are working on fine sand and targeting smaller materials, you may use the finer mesh screen.

11. When your hopper is full, use the hydraulics on the tractor to open the hopper’s hatch and place the contents in the designated area.

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