road rake service

road rake operation instructions

6. Control Box Overview

Learn about each of the functions of the ROAD RAKE you can control from the control box, which you’ll install in the truck or tractor to control the machine.

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7. Pre-start checks

Check these items before starting the ROAD RAKE.

8. gutter broom deployment

The gutter brooms guide debris into the conveyor system. Learn how to engage them to put the ROAD RAKE into operation.

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9. start truck running

Once the brooms are deployed, start the truck to prepare for the conveyor activation.

10. raising and tripping bucket

To deposit debris in a dumpster or other location, raise and trip the hopper this way.

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11. conveyor reverse

If large items get stuck in the ROAD RAKE, use the ‘Conveyor Reverse’ function to dislodge the material.

watch maintenance videos

Pro operator? now learn how to maintain your road rake