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LITTER PICKER Specifications

Metric/US Standard

2,6 meters

2,4 meters

4,1 meters

2,177 kg

Tongue Weight:
635 kg

Cleaning Width:
2,1 meters

Dumping Height:
2,6 meters

Hopper Capacity:
907 kg

Cleaning Speed:
24 Km/hour (max) 11 Km/hour (normal)

31 x 13:50 -15

Debris Removed:
Paper, cans, retreads, cardboard, cups, straws, wood & bags.

Area Cleaned
Up to 8 acres per hour depending on land contour and the amount of debris to be removed. Aproximately 32375 m²/h

Drive Train:
The tractor drives a spline mounted hydraulic pump, which supplies power to the conveyor mechanism through a hydraulic motor and roller chain drive.

The internal hydraulics of the tractor are used to raise and dump the material hopper to adjust the height of the machine.

Towing Tractor:
Recommended: a 50 to 60 HP rubber tired tractor with 540 PTO, 3-point hitch and two auxiliary hydraulic outlets.

The Barber LITTER PICKER removes debris from roadsides, parks, dirt parking lots, open fields, stadiums, and sand.

H. Barber & Sons, Inc. warrants its LITTER PICKER to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for a period of 500 hours or one year, whichever occurs first.