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How it Works

The LITTER PICKER Model LP1 is completely operated by one man from the seat of the towing tractor. The LP1 is connected to the tractor via a three-point hitch, which allows the driver to adjust the machine from the comfort of the tractor's cab. A PTO-powered hydraulic line powers the LITTER PICKER's conveyor belt, and two hydraulic hoses use the tractor's hydraulic oil to raise and trip the bucket. Setup takes only a few minutes, and operation is simple, intuitive, and safe.

Here's how it works…

The LP1 removes litter from the cleaning surface by using a rotating conveyor that contains hundreds of tines in offset rows. The process of litter removal proceeds as follows:

Two casters maintain even cleaning coverage, while the tines capture debris and throw it against the moldboard.

The materials then deflect off the moldboard and back onto the conveyor belt.

The conveyor transports the debris to the bucket.

The bucket can then be raised to dump its contents into a container, truck, or dumpster.