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SAND MAN Sand Sifter & Soil Screener Pictures

The SAND MAN beach cleaner sifts sand through its screen to remove beach debris from the beach.

Various-sized sifting screens easily remove small materials, like cigarette butts, stone, and glass, from sand and soil.

The SAND MAN sand/soil sifter purifies volleyball courts and removes harmful glass and stones before a tournament.

screening the soil and sand in playgrounds

mechanical sifter removing stones and grass for golf-course bunkers beds of pure sand

After removing materials from the sand/soil, the SAND MAN's bucket is easily removed to dispose of the debris.

SAND MAN: sand-purifying solution for lakeshore beaches and private coast line

Infield groomers removing dangerous materials, like glass, stones, and twigs, from ballfields.

Soil screeners for ball field cleaning can be used for a variety of other uses when ball season is over

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