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Litter Collection Equipment Photos

The Barber Road Rake combines sweeping brushes with a tine-raking conveyor system to remove large debris from roadways.

Road Rake cleans close to the curb and contains a large bucket to minimize dumping frequency.

Road Rake 200 is independently powered by a diesel engine that can be safely controlled electronically from the cab of the truck

The 200T is powered by the towing-truck's rear hydraulic ports.

Road Rake roadside litter collector at rest

The Litter Picker (LP1)removes litter from roadsides and is attached to a tractor that can simultaneously cut the grass.

Casters maintain even raking height to ensure debris, not grass, is removed.

The tines on the conveyor assembly remove and carry litter up to the bucket.

The Litter Picker effectively removes garbage from sports fields and parking lots, and it can be used for a variety of property maintenance activities.

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