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World leader in beach cleaning equipment for over 50 years. Tractor-towed and walk-behind beach cleaner models for all beaches and conditions. Barber beach cleaners easily remove unwanted seaweed, small materials, shells, stones, rocks, sticks, and man-made debris from wet and dry sand with ease.

Litter collection machines for both paved surfaces and grass areas. Truck towed and tractor towed models for all applications; such as, highway shoulder cleanup (retreads, mufflers, etc.), highway median cleaning, parking lot maintenance, sports field cleaning, and dethatching.

stone picker

Stone pickers that level the work area and remove rocks, sticks, stones, and other debris in one pass. A variety of models with multiple soil grooming applications; including, stone removal, seedbed preparation, dethatching, ball field cleaning, and horse arena purification are available.

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Learn about how Barber has grown into the premiere beach cleaning and litter collection equipment manufacturer.


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