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The Barber SURF RAKE provides a safe and efficient way to clean your beach quickly and effectively. Several important safety guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of its operator and those near the machine. This video details the most critical safety considerations. This information and more can be found in the instruction manual and parts book that come with your new SURF RAKE and should be read prior to operating the machine.

The key safety concerns are as follows:

Before operating the SURF RAKE, make a careful visual inspection of the machine. Do not operate it if you observe damaged or missing parts, excessive wear, or unusual vibration during startup.

Never allow anyone to approach the SURF RAKE while it is in operation. If someone approaches the machine, shut the surf rake off immediately.

Never stand under or near the hopper when it is being lowered or raised.

Do not attempt to clear large obstacles from the path of the machine by pushing them with the tractor or the SURF RAKE. Stop the machine, turn it off, and manually remove the obstacles. Seek assistance if you can not do so alone.

Never attempt to clear a jammed conveyor by placing your hands or any part of your body near the machine when the machine is on, as a jammed conveyor could immediately jump into motion.

Stand clear of the SURF RAKE when being lowered onto its stand.

Before conducting any repairs or maintenance, make sure the hydraulic pump is completely off, the hydraulic lines are not pressurized, and there are no suspended parts of the machine that don’t have mechanical blocks.

Do not allow anyone to operate the controls while another person is near a mechanical pinch point or a guard is not down.

Stand clear of hydraulic hoses while in operation, as a loose hose could cause serious injury.

Never modify the SURF RAKE without prior, written approval from the manufacturer. Similarly, do not use any unapproved parts to repair it.

Do not operate the the machine on any steep surfaces, as the tractor or it could capsize and cause serious injury.

Follow OSHA regulations regarding hydraulic fluid, fire safety, guarding and if applicable, lock-out/tagout procedures.

In addition to these safety requirements, you must keep your SURF RAKE well-maintained, which includes, but is not limited to, properly adjusting the three major chains and greasing bearings and pivot points, in order to prevent mechanical failure. You must also install the machine properly with the tractor and operate it following standard operating procedures. To learn more about correct installation, maintenance, and operation practices, see Barber’s addition videos that pertain to each topic.

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