SURF RAKe service


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Cylinder Safety Support

Oil-Based Lubricant

5/8″ socket

Stud puller

Nickel Anti-Seize

1/2″ Socket


Only if stud is damaged


1. Locate the Stud that needs to be replaced. Engage the tractor’s PTO, and use the flow control on the front of the Surf Rake to slowly rotate the conveyor until the damaged stud is at the top of the conveyor. Raise the bucket and insert a bucket safety stop.

2. Use a hammer to remove the damaged stud. Re-use the washer if it has not been damaged. Otherwise, you will need a new one.

3. Using the flow control again, rotate the conveyor until the stud that needs to be replaced is positioned in line with the open door on the side of the Surf Rake. This will allow you to insert the new stud from the inside of the conveyor.

4. Then insert the new stud from behind the channel, making sure that a washer is in place on the outside of the conveyor.

5. Spray the stud puller and the new stud with oil-based lubricant.

6. Screw the stud puller onto the stud. Using a ⅝” socket wrench, tighten the stud to pull it into the channel. Once you feel resistance, check the stud from the inside of the belt. The stud base should be flush with the channel. Continue to tighten the stud until it is.

7. Detach the stud puller from the stud.

8. Apply nickel Anti-Seize to the stud.

9. Then secure the tine around the stud, place a washer over the tine, and secure the ½” nut over it. Using your socket wrench, tighten to about 18-20 foot pounds of torque.

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