LA Times talks SURF RAKE Seaweed Cleanup

The Los Angeles times recently picked up a story from Ft. Lauderdale that discusses how effective the SURF RAKE is at picking up seaweed and other beach debris. In addition to removing man-made garbage from the beaches, it highlights an environmentally beneficial use for the massive amounts of seaweed the SURF RAKE removes from the beach–compost. Some highlights:

“The seaweed is constant. In November, said Almy, the beach patrol picked up 300 tons of seaweed, which is moved from the bucket of the Surf Rake into a dump truck and hauled off for composting.” 

“Beach cleanup begins at 5:30 a.m., when Bennie Lynch fires up one of three new Caterpillar Challenger tractors: … rubber-tracked yellow and black behemoths that pull a Barber Surf Rake so sensitive it can pluck a cigarette butt from wet sand.”

Find the full article here:



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