Post-Hurricane Sandy Message from H Barber & Sons

It is with concern and compassion following Hurricane Sandy that we express our hopes for the welfare and safety of those impacted.  

As a northeast-based manufacturer of shoreline beach cleaning equipment, there is not a neighbor, customer, or friend that has escaped the effects of this storm. 

Barber's Headquarters in Connecticut now has full power, and our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you.  As you begin formulating your clean up plans, we stand ready to share our post-storm clean up experience, as well as the shared experience of management teams we have worked with throughout the nation.

Barber SURF RAKE/Sanitizers, LITTER PICKERS and ROAD RAKES have been used by emergency management teams in hurricane afflicted parts of the country for effective cleanup of storm debris both on and off the beach. The SURF RAKE has prior FEMA approval. Please feel free to contact us at (203) 729-9000, (800) 355-8318, or to learn more from our past experience and help formulate a plan for your community’s recovery.

You can also reference a few of the resources we have put together to aid you in the efforts.

To learn how your existing SURF RAKE beach cleaner/sanitizer can be a valuable tool for your beach's restoration and cleanup efforts in the coming weeks and months, visit the link to the right.

Additionally, the SURF RAKE can be modified to aid the cleanup process off the beach, as it uses the same patented technology that Barber's line of Litter Collection Equipment uses. To learn how to use our machines to remove storm debris on land, visit the link to the right.

Lastly, to help with your immediate cleanup needs, we are making machines available for rental. We can also pick up your machine and repair any damage to it that may have occurred during the storm. For more information, please contact one of our team members.

Many of you have worked closely with Barber staff members and we remain concerned for you, your families, and communities.  While we are here to assist, we would also be grateful just to hear from you.  When you can, please let us know that you are all right, and until then, you are in our thoughts.  

Wishing you all the best,

Your Friends at H Barber & Sons