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One powerful advantage of the SURF RAKE's longevity is its adjustable bearings. Instead of replacing rollers after the bearings wear, which can be a costly and time-consuming task, Barber uses roller bearings that can be adjusted as they age by simply adding inexpensive shims. This allows Barber's rollers to last far longer--saving you time and money over time.

Video Transcript

Once you’ve determined a roller bearing needs adjustment, remove it from the machine and put it in a vice. Utilizing a pair of snapring pliers, remove the outer snapring on the face of the roller. Once removed, take the top cover off and clear excess grease to expose the inside snapring and shims. Remove the inner snapring with the snapring pliers. Next, install the additional shims into the roller. Use as many shims as necessary so that the snapring fits firmly in place. Once the appropriate shims are in place, reinstall the inner snapring. Confirm that it is firmly seated inside the groove of the roller shaft. Lastly, install the outer cover and snapring. Confirm that it is seated inside the groove of the roller. Re-check the roller for any play. If there is still any unsteadiness, you must add additional shims. Once finished, reinstall the roller back onto the machine.

Required Tools

Snapring Pliers

New Shims


Only as needed if substantial looseness is noticed in the idler roller's bearing.

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