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Video Transcript

Begin by removing the drive chain cover.

Check the chain for tension by grabbing the chain half way between the sprockets and pulling it up and down. You want between ¼” and 1” of slack in the chain.

In order to tighten the chain, you must adjust the physical position of the hydraulic motor. To do so, loosen—but do not remove-- the two bolts that fasten the motor to the front hydraulic oil tank using a 7/8” wrench (top) and 13/16” wrench (bottom). Loosen the jam nut on the adjusting bolt with two ¾” wrenches.

Reposition the motor by tightening the adjusting bolt with a ¾” wrench. This will move the front sprocket assembly forward and tighten the drive chain.

Then check the drive chain tension. If it has the right amount of give--about 1/4” to 1”, tighten the jam nut and motor mounting bolts.

Lastly, replace the drive chain cover, and you’re all ready to go!

You should check your drive chain tension every two months during periods of regular use.

Required Tools

7/8" (23mm) Wrench

13/16" (21mm) Wrench

Two 3/4" (20mm) Wrenches


Check every two months.