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plaground sand cleaner

Additional Sand Cleaning Applications

Volleyball Courts

The sand in beach volleyball courts needs to be as pure as possible to prevent harming the players. The SAND MAN 850 comes with multiple screens that filter materials as small as 4mm. It can be easily transported to the court without damaging any other surfaces and is able to manuever tight corners to ensure that all of the sand is cleaned thoroughly.

Cabana Areas

When residents own/rent a Cabana, they expect that the sand surrounding it will be regularly maintained and free from contaminants. The SAND MAN proves an excellent companion to any Cabana community. Its ease of use and efficient operation makes it a simple solution for maintaining the grounds and keeping community members happy.


playground sand cleaner

The maneuverable SAND MAN sand cleaner is well suited for the tight confines of playground areas. The SAND MAN will quickly remove small debris including cigarette butts, glass, syringes and animal droppings from sand areas around children's play areas.