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SAND MAN TT: Sand Sifting Beach Cleaner and Soil Screener

The Sand Man TT is Barber's smallest tractor-powered beach cleaning unit. It utilizes a vibrating screen to lift beach sand and sift it. The debris is carried by the screen into a bucket that features a hydraulic dump, while the sand falls back to the beach. It is an excellent solution for removing small materials from small to mid-sized beaches; such as, shells, stones, cigarette butts, twigs, bottle caps, and other litter and leaving a path of clean sand.

In addition to being an efficient and compact sand sifting tool, the Sand Man TT sand-sifting screener can also be used for soil screener applications, like horse arena maintenance, race tracks, ball-field stone/litter removal, and other soil grooming applications. Using either 3/8" (5mm) or 3/4" (20mm) screens, it removes stones, encroaching grass, animal droppings, and broken glass. Additionally, the different-sized screens can be chosen to adapt to current soil conditions.