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Beach Cleaner Articles: Most Popular

Self-Propelled Beach Cleaners or Tractor-Towed Beach Cleaners

Self-propelled beach cleaners often seem luxurious and practical. However, tractor-towed beach cleaners contain several key advantages that every prospective beach-cleaner purchaser must consider. From versatility to longevity and cost, tractor-towed beach cleaners are the way to go. Learn why!

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5 Beach Cleaner Cost & Maintenance Questions You Should Be Asking

Beach cleaners are a large investment and should cost as little as possible after the initial purchase. The style of beach cleaner you purchase, as well as the brand's reputation, quality, and warranty, directly determine the amount of time and money you will need to devote to maintenance. Be sure to read this article before purchasing a beach cleaner, for it alerts you to the primary safeguards that ensure your machine will not cost thousands more than its initial sticker price infers.

Moldboards Explained

Beach cleaners are are far safer, more effective, and resilient when they use a moldboard. Moldboards level the beach while simultaneously preventing pre-mature wear of the conveyor system, protecting the beach cleaner against sizeable submerged objects, and ensuring even cleaning depth. This article goes into an in-depth explanation to clarify this often mis-interpretted beach cleaning tool.

Hurricane Beach Cleanup & Restoration with Beach Cleaning Machine and Tractor

Hurricane Beach Cleanup and Restoration Methods

In addition to fulfilling the normal requirements of a beach cleaning machine, the SURF RAKE can prove especially helpful with beach restoration and cleanup after a hurricane. When it comes time clean up and restore the beach, we have several recommendations on how to best purify the beach sand and utilize your SURF RAKE.

SAND MAN in Golfweek

In addition to the SAND MAN's beach cleaning applications, it also proves a a superior tool for purifying sand bunkers on golf courses. Golfweek published an article praising the SAND MAN's cleaning capabilities, tight turning radius, and overall effectiveness for cleaning golf bunkers.

Red tide dead fish on beach

Beach Cleaners Clean up Red Tides

When surges in certain algae poisons the ocean's sea life, thousands of dead fish and other sea creatures can wash on shore, causing a big health hazard (and a big stink!) Hand-removal of dead fish from the beach can be laborious and unsafe, due to the toxic gasses dead fish create when left in the sun. Tine raking beach cleaners, like the SURF RAKE, are the ideal tools for the job. Learn more about how beach cleaners can be operated to safely and quickly remove dead fish.

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Fight Beach Sand E. Coli with Beach Cleaners

When wastewater or rain runoff polutes lake water with excessive bacteria, like E. Coli, the contaminates get absorbed by beach sand, wrack, and other beach debris. In addition to re-infecting the shore's waters, the sand becomes unsafe for humans to enjoy. Instead of giving in to beach closings, learn how our beach cleaners helped Chicago and the Great Lakes rid their beaches of excessive E.Coli contamination.

Road Rake Cleans California Streets

The ROAD RAKE is a powerful tool for highway maintenance. In order to prevent accidents, protect streetsweepers, and remove litter, the ROAD RAKE helped the California Transit Authority to keep the shoulders of their highways free of large debris. This article details the numerous benefits the ROAD RAKE contributed to their street cleaning efforts.

LITTER PICKER Cleans JFK Airport Runways

The LITTER PICKER is effective at removing litter of all kinds from grass and paved surfaces. The JFK International Airport of New York City purchased multiple LITTER PICKERS to keep the areas surrounding their runways free of debris that could sabatoge the safe landing of airplanes.